How exactly we experienced strange pests and resolved them

How exactly we experienced strange pests and resolved them

That is when the good old QA individual stumbled on united states once more with a really unfortunate face and mentioned, aˆ?You understand what, you’ve gotten some very strange facts going on.aˆ?

We exercised precisely why. When following a worldwide link and starting an app, these option starred in the most effective right-hand area of the screen:

And that button really does two things. First of all, it opens Safari. Secondly, they aˆ?breaks’ deep website links once and for all for the application!

But, as much as I can keep in mind, perhaps not a single person ever before did that. They just existed without deep links for the software from that time forwards. So there’s little your, as who is St. Louis dating now a developer, can create. The actual only real point obtainable are: you shouldn’t reach this key yourself.

Thank goodness, in unlimited knowledge last the autumn months, Apple provided us a fantastic current and eliminated this option from iOS 11.

And now the only method to aˆ?unbreak’ the deep website links will be long-tap the link, to hit aˆ?open in Badoo’, then anything works great once again

But in the event that you supporting apple’s ios 9 and 10, keep in mind concerning this button. And, in the event you support apple’s ios 9, understand that apple-app-site-association shouldn’t be disallowed to robots in robots.txt . That’s another mysterious bug we have invested a lot of opportunity on. Discover the checklist:

We had already produced countless painful errors. Immediately after which a fresh element produced us generate a few more. Lire la suite